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Fiat Professional Ducato

130 - 180 HP
33.2 - 49.6 mpg (5,7 - 8,5 l/100km)
150 - 178 g/km (Euro6d-TEMP)
Manual & Semi-Automatic



The Fiat Ducato takes the category to a whole new level, with a class leading payload from 1000kg to 2200kg and no AdBlue required.
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The Ducato Goods transport is available in 3 gross vehicle weight configurations (from 3000 kg to 3500 kg), while there are 3 configurations for the Ducato Maxi (from 3500 kg to 4250 kg). With 3 different wheelbases, 4 lengths, 3 heights and volumes from 1000 kg to 2100 kg, the Ducato range covers and meets all transport needs. The Ducato range is enhanced with a new configuration, the Crew Van, which can carry up to seven people, offering a load compartment of up to 2.50 m in length. In addition, the space between the seats can be used to load items up to 3.60 m. in length.
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Thanks to a wealth of measures, the capacity and practicality of the Ducato has been further improved. The rear doors are designed to exploit every available square inch for the load, opening up to 270°, while the side doors open easily, meaning euro pallets can also be loaded. Inside, a range of trim version solutions guarantee top-of-the-range versatility and allow the load compartment to offer unrivalled space. Thanks to the optimised distance between the wheel arches, the Ducato offers a wide structure, ideal for fitting with shelves, platforms or partitions. The load compartment is provided with hooks for retaining goods.
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Ducato has a specific engine for every mission, efficient in terms of consumption and emission, dynamic and environmentally friendly. These are the advantages offered by second-generation MultiJet2 diesel power units with Gear Shift Indicator, which are also available with Start&Stop (versions 130- 150 MultiJet2). For further optimisation of efficiency, Ducato offers specific gearboxes and transmissions for all uses. These are available in versions with 5 or 6-speed manual gearbox with specific gearbox ratios for the Maxi range. On request, the 130, 150 and 180 MultiJet2 engine options can be combined with a 6-speed Comfort-Matic robotised gearbox which can be operated in automatic or sequential mode, making it ideal for any driving style. Additionally, the UP button optimises gear shifts with the vehicle at full load or driving uphill, automatically guaranteeing the most suitable engine speed in all cases.

Euro 6 engines:

- 2.0 115 HP MultiJet 2
- 2.3 130 HP MultiJet 2
- 2.3 150 HP MultiJet 2
- 2.3 150 HP EcoJet
- 2.3 180 HP MultiJet 2


A new EcoJet version of Ducato, which is setting the standard in emissions and fuel economy, is now available too. This version is equipped with a high-tech package including Start&Stop, Smart Alternator, electro-hydraulic power steering and an ECO function, which you can switch on at the touch of a button on the dashboard. The ECO function varies the power and torque delivery and helps make substantial fuel savings.

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Thanks to 35 years of experience in the field and more than 11 million kilometres of experimental testing carried out on the latest generation vehicle, the Ducato takes quality, robustness and reliability to a new level.

The design and production improvements concern all the main parts of the vehicle:
The body and moving parts have been improved in terms of robustness, durability and reliability. The suspension has been perfected to minimise noise over time.

The braking systems have been developed and boosted to increase performance and durability, reducing noise at the same time. Thanks to a new pedal unit, the comfort has been improved further, decreasing the effort required from the driver.

The life of the clutch has been optimised, particularly to enable more heavy-duty usage, with solutions such as the gearbox with shortened gear ratio on the Maxi range with 180 MultiJet2 engine or the new hydraulic control on 2.3 MultiJet2 engines, designed to increase the life of the components.
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Fiat Professional Ducato

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